The #blogsync process

Before the Deadline

  • Everyone completes their blog on the selected topic. Along with the usual notifications you may send when you publish an entry on your blog, you are invited also to notify blogsync via email or Chris at @Edutronic_Net
  • You are also encouraged to add a link in your own blog entry back to the blogsync site (
  • Links to all finished blog entries will be published on the blogsync site as they are completed, allowing contributors to read each others entries.
  • Blogging in response to others is encouraged and we are hoping for divergent opinions to be developed.

After the Deadline

  • You will be sent via email a list (and a HTML snippet, for those who want to embed something in their blog) of all the other blog entries published in this round. You are welcome to publish this on your blog, or simply select another entry that you feel extends the discussion presented in your own and link to that one directly.
  • The blogsync site will carry an archive of each month’s sync and feature individual blogs month by month. Feel free to keep up the #blogsync buzz by tweeting using the hashtag and encouraging others who may be interested to read the content.
  • Make a suggestion on the blogsync site of a topic for the next cycle and sign up for the next round (The topics alternate monthly between classroom practice and wider educational thought)