The ninth #blogsync provided an opportunity for teachers of all walks to explore the role of families in young people’s education. 

To follow is the archive of the blogs and twitter links to their writers. A full description of the mechanics behind #blogsync and the form you can use to sign up can be found here

  1. @Cherryl-kdThe Role of Family in Young People’s Education
  2. Miss D CoxThe power of talking with parents – some ideas & anecdotes for new teachers
  3. Sue CowleyWe are Family
  4. Things Behind the SunClarifying roles and responsibilities
  5. Tom SherringtonParent Power, Partnership and Pushiness
  6. Jude EnrightWhat is the role of the family in your people’s education?
  7. Andy LewisWhat is the role of the family in young people’s education? (RC Focus)
  8. Chris Chivers: Parents and Schools and What do parents want from schools?



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