The second #blogsync was a brilliant success. Powered entirely by the word-of-mouth serendipity of twitter, educational bloggers from many parts of the sector collaborated on sharing their investigation into student motivation in schools across the United Kingdom.

To follow is the archive of the blogs and twitter links to their writers.


#blogsync 2: “A Teaching and Learning strategy intended to elicit the highest levels of student motivation in my subject”

  1. Alex QuigleyMotivating Students using “Gallery Critique”
  2. Chris CurtisMove over Howard Gardner and your ‘Multiple Intelligences’, here comes Curtis’ ‘Many Perspectives’
  3. Simon WarburtonTeaching and Learning strategy to elicit motivation
  4. Paul CollinsAssessing and building on students’ prior knowledge
  5. Myfanwy (@Gwenolope): Motivating Pupils and Me
  6. CherrylkdHow I motivate pupils through fun and laughter
  7. Kenny PieperMarking is Feedback is Differentiation is Planning
  8. Chris Hildrew“Thinking aloud” and teaching the writing process
  9. MrMathsTeacherCollaborative learning in mathematics
  10. Tom SherringtonAwe
  11. Chris HealeyBlogs for celebration, extension, revision and JPD
  12. CharlotteUsing crafts to stimulate analysis
  13. BishopErasmusNo Hands Up
  14. Kevin CunninghamStrategies to help all learners think Mathematically
  15. icpjonesMotivating Students in the Languages classroom: Language is Music
  16. Christopher Waugh4 Successful Homework Strategies


A full description of the mechanics behind #blogsync and the form you can use to sign up can be found here