The third #blogsync was a brilliant success. Powered entirely by the word-of-mouth serendipity of twitter, educational bloggers from many parts of the sector collaborated on sharing their perception of the causes of an issue of genuine concern in education: Why do so many of us leave?

To follow is the archive of the blogs and twitter links to their writers.

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#blogsync 3: “Wasted investment? Why do so many teachers leave the profession in the first 5 years?”

  1. CherrylkdWhy do so many teachers leave the profession?
  2. James McEnaneyWhy do so many teachers leave the profession?
  3. Jude EnrightDoes partnership offer the inspiration needed in schools?
  4. Tom SherringtonAre people tired of working in the plantation?
  5. Anonymous: Why I left teaching.
  6. Ben PrestonHow can the issue of ‘disillusionment’ be addressed?
  7. Michael TiddWhat might make teachers stay?
  8. Anna PalmerWhy we leave the profession in the first 5 years
  9. Lynne Moore (Superstylynne): “Buffeted by the weather
  10. Shouldibeateacher: “I ask myself what I would rather do
  11. Pete Jones: “The stifling accountability bus
  12. GwenelopeA Crisis of Faith?
  13. Chris CurtisA candle in the darkness or a forklift in the library?
  14. Kenny PieperThe Nigel Hawthorne Effect
  15. Andy KnillTeaching completes me
  16. Beth KempIt’s harder than people realise
  17. Paul Raymond CollinsI’m still here. Will I be in another 3 years?
  18. SpecialsciteachTeachers need to feel trusted
  19. Ben PrestonHow can disillusionment be addressed?
  20. Clare Fenwick: “In my experience it is the quiet unassuming schools that often achieve a culture of hard work and respect for others
  21. Chris Hildrew: “I have never considered leaving the profession
  22. CharlotteWhat would help? More time, more support and more freedom
  23. cavmaths: The problem? “the way people enter the profession
  24. Mr MilneLabels and Leavers
  25. Andrew CowleyWhy so many?
  26. The New TeacherAn NQT’s Perspective
  27. SingsunshineThere are easier ways to make a living… and still have a life.
  28. ThatchI want to make a difference
  29. Joe KirbyWhy isn’t our education system working?