The seventh #blogsync provided an opportunity for teachers of all walks to explore the broader purpose of their work. Predictably enough, the responses were as diverse as they were numerous, herein you can read the responses to the question: What is the purpose of Education?

To follow is the archive of the blogs and twitter links to their writers. A full description of the mechanics behind #blogsync and the form you can use to sign up can be found here

  1. @Cherryl-kdThe Purpose of Education? – different things to different people
  2. Sue CowleyDoors Open
  3. Andy Day The Purpose of Education? -Not so much filling up empty vessels, as empty chairs
  4. Jude EnrightWhat is the Purpose of Education? – A Trip to Cambridge
  5. Michael TiddThe purpose of Education? – Broadening Horizons
  6. Chris ChiversMaking sense of the world around you
  7. Tim TaylorTrivium: the answer to the purpose of education?
  8. PedagogintheMachineThe Purpose of Education? Ask Malala Yousafzai
  9. Debbie and MelTwo thoughtful contributions to the discussion on the purpose of education
  10. Janet ColledgeThe Purpose of Education? – To build confidence & ambition, & to aid social mobility
  11. Chris HildrewThe Purpose of Education? Individuality, Community, Love of Learning
  12. Andrew CowleyThe Purpose of Education? Making a Difference
  13. Harry Fletcher-WoodThe Purpose of Education? All students will be wise, empowered and intellectually-able citizens.
  14. The Numpty TeacherThe Purpose of Education? Education has a redemptive quality that never abandons a child and always welcomes them back
  15. MishmashlearningThe Purpose of Education: Learning in all its shades
  16. CavAn education to change the world
  17. SpecialsciteachThe Purpose of Education? Doors Open – Eyes Open
  18. FranscescaThe Purpose of Education? Education can set you free!